Monday, April 29, 2013

Update from the Film Studio


It is hard to believe that the filming for the Scripture Talk DVD is now completed!!

It’s a weird mix of emotions… relief and excitement, mixed with the inevitable “let down” that comes from having poured your life into one avenue for 6 long months.

Yet there is joy in seeing how very much the Lord accomplished during these past 2 weeks, as we lived nearly every waking moment in our church building (a.k.a. film studio).

Below are several pictures to show a few highlights of our time with filmmaker Alex Lerma and his crew, along with 50 children and several teachers.

The natural question now is “what next??” We’re actually asking the same question over here :), but here is what we know so far.

The next few months will find us in frequent contact with our filmmaker as he systematically works through the hours of footage that he recorded, and sends it over to us for our suggestions and advice in the editing process. There will most likely be 3 drafts of edits completed before the product is finished. The estimated date that the DVD will be ready for printing and distribution is July or August.

Our family has much work to be done on our end as we research the options available to us for distributing the DVD. We would appreciate your prayers as we move into this next step with a whole lot more questions than answers! :)

To God be the glory! He has done great things!

We had all ages of children involved in quoting Scripture for the filming.....the youngest was 2 years, and the oldest was 17 years! 

Getting ready for filming...... 

.....During filming......

 ......And after filming.....relief and elation! :) 

Those present at the "film studio" could watch everything that happened on a large screen as footage was being recorded. Sometimes, the kiddos on the screen were so cute that taking a picture was inevitable.....  :)

Each Scripture passage had a teaching segment that went with it, explaining how the children could apply it to their lives. Here, the twin team teaches together on 1 Corinthians 13! :)  

       More teachers and more fun :)

              Yup. We're ready!                                    

               Great helpers and friends!

One of the highlights for me during the filming process was hearing interviews from parents as they shared their insights on Scripture memory, and discussed their children's responses to memorizing God's Word.

We had an incredible filmmaker and crew....Alex Lerma (middle), along with his assistants Amelia and Micah (second from left, and far right). Working with strong Christians who believed in our project was a huge blessing!

Children of all ages memorizing God's Word - hiding living power in their hearts and minds. What can be more exciting than that?? 

The Lord has done much work in my heart over this whole process, and I have many thoughts to share.....hopefully these thoughts will make it onto my blog in the not-so-distant future! :) 

We serve a good God! What a privilege that we can hide His Word in our hearts and be transformed by His truth!


  1. Hi Kate! What a neat project to be a part of! It looks like you all had such a fun time! I'm sure working with those cuties was fun, but also a little challenging at times. What a blessing! Will this DVD be available for anyone to purchase at some point? My little brother Benjamin LOVES the Bible sing-along movies that he has. He loves watching the little kids just like him on the TV :-) Thank you so much for sharing all of the pictures, I had a wonderful time on your blog this evening,
    Your sis in Christ!

  2. Hello again :-)
    I believe the movies that Benjamin likes so much are the old Cedarmont kids bible sing-alongs, NIV kids club, and probably Steve Green "Hide 'em in your heart." We used to watch those when we were little too! In the last few weeks our pastor has been teaching on Colossians. One of the videos that we used to watch on a continual loop was one that had verse-by-verse songs from Colossians 3. I can't hardly listen to or recite the verses without singing the songs now! :-) What a wonderful way these songs help children meditate on the Word day and night for YEARS! Hope you have a wonderful day Kate! It is beautiful here in WA today...bright and sunny and warm! We'll be off to the fairgrounds soon, as my sisters are showing their goats there this weekend.

  3. Where will we be able to purchase your dvd?

    1. Hi there, "Happy Wife" :)

      Thanks for your interest in our Scripture Talk DVD! Our family is in the process of researching the options that are available to us for distribution, and we hope to have a much better idea of our plan for selling and distributing the DVD by next month. Our filmmaker recently outlined a schedule for editing for us, and looks like the DVD will be ready for distribution in July or August!

      I am happy to keep you updated by commenting back on this post, or if you would like me to email you, just reply back with your email address or a link to your blog. I am not able to view your online profile, as it is not open to the public.

      Thanks again,

      Smile! :)
      Kate Bridges
      In His presence is FULLNESS of joy....

    2. oh this is Lauren Mulford. I don't know whats up my profile.

      Are you guys using KJV?

  4. Oh hi Lauren! :) Heehee, here I was talking to you like a complete stranger.... :)

    Yes, we used KJV. You can copy and paste the link below into your web browser to view our Kickstarter page for the DVD that will give you lots more info. I will send on a link to our website and keep you updated with where to buy the DVD once it is ready.

    Thanks! Hope y'all are doing well! Are you still in the Dallas area?