Friday, March 18, 2011

Reason #2 - He Has Sent Me On My Way in Peace

There aren't near as many stories about women in the Bible as there are about men, but I think it makes these stories all the more precious to us as daughters of the King. One that I have been thinking about a lot lately is the story of the sinner who anointed Jesus' feet with perfume and then wiped His feet with her hair. (Luke 7:36-50). As she kissed His feet over and over again in the expression of ultimate humility, those around her despised her in their hearts.

She was a sinner. Everyone knew that. Perhaps it was that her reputation had proceeded her. Perhaps something about her outward appearance made this fact obvious to others. Whatever the case, it apparently didn't take a genius to figure it out. This woman was low.

And that Jesus would let her even touch Him! Even breathe the same air with Him! "This is no prophet," the others mocked. "He can't possibly know."

But He knew.

And what did He say to her? "Go in peace."

What is peace? The word brings to mind rest, quietness, stillness, absolute trust. One culture, when translating the Bible into their own language, chose to use the following phrase to communicate the meaning of peace.

A heart that sits.

I wrote a poem that I hope will express the awe that grows in my heart when I read this story. I love my Lord because He has sent me on my way in peace.

"Go In Peace"

Broken, weary, tired, and worn
Utterly alone
Despised, rejected, full of fear
The lowest she has known

Weeping at the feet of Christ
A woman pleaded to be made whole
Knowing her tears couldn't wash away
The stains upon her soul

How could she speak,
What could she say?
But no words were needed
For the Truth, the Light, the Way.

He knew.

Every vile word
Every evil deed
Every lustful motive

He knew.

And to the sinner, the Sinless declared:

Go in peace
Though the chains of sin are strong
Go in peace
I have loosed them all in all
Broken you came, now healed you leave
You are whole - you are loved
Go in peace.


  1. Nice job ~ whoever is writing here! Keep posting!

  2. Beautiful poem Kate! I love these entries, very encouraging.
    Thanks for doing this :).

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  4. Peter, I sincerely apologize for using your photo, and have removed it. I found the image on Google images, and was under the impression that every image found there was public domain. Again, I apologize.
    ~ Kate