Sunday, April 17, 2011

Reason # 6 - He is Trustworthy

To me, trust is one of the most beautiful words in the world.

Websters dictionary defines it like this: assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something.

Along with trust comes confidence. Certainty. Reliance.

And all fear flees.

Trust doesn't happen overnight. How many people do I know that can I say I really trust with all my heart? Enough to share anything with them...anything? And then to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this person's commitment to me will not change - that he won't judge me - and that he will understand, and love me every bit as much as he did before?

Trust must be earned. It must come from a long term relationship and experience with that individual.

I think that it is impossible to trust someone deeply without loving them deeply. The two go hand in hand.

So if I say that a person is trustworthy, I am saying that they have proved themselves to me. I can place full confidence and reliance on them, and know that they will not let me down. They are worthy of my trust.

What joy to say that though I only have a couple of people here on this earth that I trust in that way - I can trust my Lord! Deeply and completely. With absolutely anything. And with absolutely everything.

I think about the way that a baby trusts his parents - confidently holding their hand, and following them anywhere. This is the way that I can trust my Father in heaven.

I am so thankful. I love my Lord because He is entirely - absolutely - completely -


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